AOTI: The Incredible Charlize Muyco 

By Sydney Reese

Charlize Muyco can be seen racing down the court, making amazing plays, and knocking down smooth mid-range jumpers. Her agility and long arms make her a stud on defense, and her aggressive drives and sharp cuts make her deadly on offense. In the home game against Leigh, Charlize dropped 20 points, the most anyone on Westmont has scored this season in one game. Her teammate and good friend, Emily Burich, commented, “She’s a great team player and has a real passion for the game. She can really hype the crowd up with her ability to score the craziest shots against multiple defenders.” Charlize also has a knack for making the team laugh both on and off the court. With her sarcastic comments and funny facial expressions, she always brings a smile to those around her. Enjoy a short interview with the incredible player and great teammate, Charlize Muyco. 

How long have you been playing basketball?

Since third grade

What’s your favorite position?

Point or shooting guard

What is your favorite part of playing basketball at Westmont?

I love the team and I love the sport in general. Most of us have been playing together since sixth grade so I have my best friends on the team. On top of that I love the process of the sport. Practices and games help individuals improve, to help the team as a whole. It’s an interesting thing to see come together.

Favorite post-game grub?


Who is a professional basketball player/team you look up to, and why? 

Allen Iverson: I was really small when I was younger so my dad tried teaching me to adopt his playing style. 

Funniest moment/memory on the basketball court? 

Literally anytime I fall (obviously it’s not funny in the moment but seeing it after is so funny).