What A Deserted Island Can Do For You

By Maddon Hoh-Choi

Too often, we ask ourselves what we would bring with us if we were trapped on a deserted island. But we should not have to prepare for a deserted island — the island should prepare for us. Choose your deserted island selectively, as not all islands are made equal. 

Here are the best features for your deserted island to have: 

A coconut tree: A trope as old as time, but any marooned resident needs a coconut tree to get a nice, tropical drink. Plus, you were just stranded on an island with little chance of escaping. You deserve to de-stress a little before getting back to work. 

Wild pigs/boars: If elementary school children can hunt them down, so can you.

Rivers or streams: Drinking ocean water is a very, very bad idea. Freshwater streams and rivers offer a much less salty alternative, but you should still boil it to get rid of any lingering parasites or diseases. 

Flint: I’m assuming you brought steel/some other metal with you. Combine the wild flint with your civilized steel to create some nice fire to boil your water. Hopefully there’s no TNT around. 

Vines: Hey, aren’t you interested in escaping your island? Use vines to tie together logs and driftwood to form a rudimentary raft. Test it in shallow waters before braving the wide ocean, but you’re on your path back to civilization. Congrats!