Deserted with Everything we Need

By Sinchana Holla and Sophie Schwarz


Food would be helpful in keeping our stomachs happy. We would bring protein bars, bread, fruit, and dehydrated foods.  

Filtration system:

A filtration system would be insanely beneficial because it would ensure that we have clean water at all times. We can use the system to filter the sea water or any other sources of liquid. 


A hammock would be helpful to have a comfortable place to rest and sleep on. Instead of struggling on the ground, one can have an enjoyable experience on the hammock. 


Clothes would be useful to help us feel fresh, be covered from insects, and to wrap wounds. 


Soap would be super helpful in keeping clean and sanitary. It could also be helpful if you were to get injured and need to clean out a cut. 


A knife would be helpful to find food and protect yourself.


Matches could help you create a fire to stay warm, cook food, and maybe make a smoke signal.


Advil seems to solve every painful problem you would have.