McWilliams Music

By Madeline Crowley

Westmont’s well loved IM2 and IM3 STEM teacher, Riley McWilliams, loves to teach math and serenade his students with his unique classroom playlists as they work. When you hear the little voice of the Bose speaker talking to you while the small sound system turns on, you can expect to hear anything ranging from old country, to rap, to, “emo-alt rock” as one of his IM2 sophomores describes. While some students complain about his music taste, he resolves, “I don’t mind if you work with your airpods in and your own music playing” but adds, “sometimes all you need is a little Johnny Cash in your life.”  IM3 STEM student Rishi Maddhiredy explains, “I enjoy his music and it helps me focus on my work most of the time” however regards that, “some get annoyed when he plays a few of the same songs over and over because he loves them so much.” Riley McWilliams, in accordance with his passion for surfing, plays lots of Bob Marley for his students as well! Truly any of his students can attest, McWilliams’ music is a big part of his personality although he may not realize it himself. 

In a short interview I asked him a few questions regarding his interest in music…

How would you describe your music taste?

Anything that’s fast and Punk Rock.

What is your favorite song of all time?

I dont have one.

Who are your top 3 favorite artists/bands?

Minor Threat, Black Flag, Metallica

What type of music do you absolutely hate?

Oh I definitely don’t like Techno and Mumble Rap!

How does music make you feel?

The same way I always feel, i’m not into any of my emotions or that stuff

If you had the chance to win free tickets to any concert who would it be to see?

I would really like to have seen Elvis Presley when he was alive.

When do you enjoy listening to music the most?

In my car and when my wife is talking loud.