Boys Basketball 

By Sydney Reese 

So far, the boys basketball team has been 1 and 4 throughout the preseason. While not off to the greatest start, this team “started off slow, but now we are in an upward trend,” captain Luke Mathiesen commented in reference to the beginning of the season. Without a doubt, this team has the ability and potential to improve and control more games throughout the season. With some key factors added to the team such as “communication, trust, discipline, and body language,” mentioned the other captain, Sebastian Chegini, the team will unquestionably improve. Still waiting for a dunk from both Luke and Sebastian in a game sometime this season, the energy of the team is bound to pick up. Westmont just recently hosted the Gary Brinck Annual Tournament and the Westmont Warriors competed well. With some tough matchups, Westmont did well, keeping their composure and battling strong. Come out and support your Westmont Warriors as they take on Pinewood at home on Saturday, December 17th at 3:00 p.m.