Room 58 

By Rachel Walker 

In room 58 we laugh 

In room 58 we play games and sing songs 

In room 58 we learn how to write good well 

In room 58 we tell stories and say what’s on our mind 

In room 58 we listen to Mr. Evans, a teacher who is one of a kind 

“Mr. Evans is the best,” students always say 

Mr.Evans is personable, a teacher who truly cares about his students  

Mr. Evans is supportive, constantly checking in with his students

Mr. Evans is energetic, singing and acting in class 

Mr.Evans is creative, brainstorming new ways to grasp concepts and summarize books 

Mr. Evans is hilarious, presenting his students with new memes and slideshow everyday

Mr. Evans is encouraging, always uplifting students, ensuring they succeed 

Mr. Evans is helpful, always available for extra assistance

Mr. Evans is selfless, in more ways than one 

Mr. Evans is the best, he makes learning fun 

Because of Mr. Evans students always have a smile on their face 

Because of Mr. Evans students learn something new every day 

Because of Mr. Evans students are successful in high school and life 

Because of Mr. Evans students enjoy coming to class 

Because Mr. Evans is a one-of-a-kind teacher