Olivia and Sarah; You Just Got Served

By Sydney Reese

As a senior, Olivia Pocat wrapped up her final tennis season as a Westmont Warrior during late October. She has been playing tennis since she was 3 years old and loves the game. She looks up to Serena Williams as her role model and strives to embody not only William’s outstanding tennis skills, but also her work ethic and attitude. While this season was not the most successful season for the Westmont Warriors, Olivia and her team had a good time and made many memories: “my favorite memory is hanging out with the team and getting  In N Out,” Olivia comments. Furthermore, Olivia also remarks how she is “very proud of this team and really sad to be leaving.” However, not only does Olivia play tennis, but also golf. She actually likes golf more than tennis and is excited to play in the spring for Westmont. Keep an eye out for this multi-sport athlete killing it on both the tennis courts and the golf course!

As a junior, Sarah Moore has greatly contributed to the Westmont tennis team. In fact, she just won BVALs and is hopefully continuing on to CCS. Sarah has been playing tennis since she was about three or four but about four years ago she really started to take the sport seriously. Excited about possibly playing in college, Sarah is eager to see where tennis can take her. While she does not play club outside of school, she consistently trains on her own and sometimes participates in tournaments over the weekends. As Sarah conveyed, one of her favorite memories from the season was, “the Branham win. Everyone worked so hard and I could really see how the team improved!” Furthermore, the tennis player that Sarah most looks up to is Naomi Osaka, as Osaka publicly advocates for mental health awareness, specifically regarding athletes. Overall, Sarah loves the sport of tennis and does a great job at creating a fun atmosphere for the team.