Marching Band

By Cat Kemp

With winter approaching, the band is coming to a close on their season. Over the season, the band performs at a number of different events such as football games,  band competitions, and eventually, they will attend parades. Band performed short sideline songs at all games and a unique and intricate halftime show. With the football season moving on to playoffs (where the band will not be attending) they have moved on to competitions. The band competes at four competitions, with the first three already completed. They compete at two WBA competitions and two NCBA competitions at the 2A level. The first competition they attended was hosted by Del Mar, where they gained third place. They have also competed at Foothill — fourth place — and Independence with another third place victory. Their last competition was Saturday, November 12 at James Logan. Marching band’s constant practices lead to a very tight knit group, as described by junior Maya Bernstien on band, “it’s a good community and I love band!”