December Horoscope

By Julia Kemp

Aries: This month, expect new adventures, new friends, and new contacts that will lead to new strides toward your hopes and dreams. The solar eclipse this month falls in your expansion zone, meaning that you will be offered new directions in your social and professional life.

Gemini: Mars continues to enter your productivity zone this month, so  prepare to succeed in your work. You will find yourself constantly engaged in work and achieving praise for your successful work ethic. Also, Venus moves through your sector from now until March of 2022. In return, you will be making more demands for yourself in relationships; you will try to find your own voice, and take charge in strengthening relationships.

Taurus: Jupiter, the planet of fortune and miracles, continues to tour your achievement sector and remains here until December 28. You will have great luck for the rest of the year. Try to take a vacation at this time, as you will have an amazing, memorable adventure.

Scorpio: Life is about to move very fast for you, Scorpio. In the next year, you will be finding your roots in a new place (or headspace) and become a leader in a professional or personal role. With so much prosperity coming your way, be sure to spend a bit on you and those whom you love.

Aquarius: Saturn has made your past year difficult, but Jupiter will tour your sign, filling your December with luck and good fortune. You will have lots of energy, and you will be seeing many friends and enjoying festivities of some kind. 

Capricorn: The future is so promising for you, Capricorn. While Saturn has certainly made things a bit tighter and is giving you so many life lessons about budgeting, expenses, and income, Jupiter is set on expanding your bank account more. With effort, there truly could be the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Jupiter, which rules profit and prosperity, is moving through your financial sector until December 28.

Virgo: Jupiter, the planet of luck, continues to dance within your productivity sector until December 28, bringing you expansion, growth, and luck around your employment, daily routine, and physical health. Pets, coworkers, and people that you employ are also ruled by this sector, showing that you could see good news about these too. 

Leo: While life has probably felt a bit rocky this year with Saturn opposing you—as he will continue to do so until March 2023—Jupiter will bring a feeling of levity. Next, Mars continues to bring a great deal of attention to your home and family until December 13, 2021. During this period, you could be fired up to move, fix up your living space, or renovate. There’s also a possibility that you will be required to step up to help with a family matter, especially one of your parents.

Cancer: Jupiter will continue to tour your intimacy and shared assets sector until December 28. This glorious planet will allow you to heal any relationship traumas that may have scarred you. Those who are happily connected will only grow closer, uniting your souls more deeply than ever before. You could also have a tremendous amount of opportunity to improve your wealth through the aid of another party.

Sagittarius: Mars will finally ignite your confidence and energy levels beginning December 13, 2021 until January 24, 2022. This means that in all your personal and professional goals, you must take the lead rather than waiting for things to fall into place for you. Mars only visits our zodiac signs once every two years—so now is the time for you to make lists of what you want to do and set forth to go after them. You’ll enjoy the beauty and the power, so show the world what you’ve got!

Libra: You may have karmic situations from your family, heritage, or past to deal with during that time and will likely cross paths with many people from days gone by. If you’d like to find closure or rekindle the connection, you could certainly do so during this time. If you are in the midst of moving, renovating, or redecorating, you could feel that you want to change the look of your living space. Do not do so during the Venus retrograde (December 19, 2021 until January 29, 2022), as your sense of beauty and aesthetics will be off. 

Pisces: 2021 was sweet—but 2022 will be even sweeter for you, Pisces. Last December, Saturn and Jupiter both soared into your sector of rest and solitude. Saturn,the giver of life lessons, will be focusing you upon karma until 2023: either reaping the rewards for the fortune you’ve brought into the world or else haunting you with the baggage you must now atone for. You will feel a need to heal and develop your spirit at this time.