Lovely Liquids

By Madeline Crowley

Merely imagining the sensation, spoonfuls of warm savory goodness entering your mouth, then heating your winter-chilled body from the stomach out is enough to get the mouth watering for some good old soup! Soup is a superior winter meal! From chili to chicken noodle, the endless flavors and ingredient combinations allow for a meal that satisfies the taste you crave. Looking into your fridge stumped on what to make for dinner? Throw together whatever leftover meats or vegetables you have with some pasta and broth and you’ve got a delicious soup! Most soups can be easily frozen, then defrosted again, and also last a long time before going bad or losing flavor. This makes it the perfect food for large batches that last weeks or even for sharing with friends.  Not only this but there are many health benefits that accompany soup. Soups are an excellent source of liquid and can help to hydrate while also nourishing. As most soups are eaten warm, they work to soothe sore throats or subdue stomach aches. Soups are typically not too high in calories yet sustain a feeling of fullness and contain lots of healthy fibers. During the winter months and flu season, soup broth even provides minerals that boost the immune system in a time of need. A personal favorite of mine, Italian minestrone, provides the ideal combination of meat, vegetables, broth, and orzo. My mom puts together this masterpiece with an old inherited family recipe. Altogether, the lovely liquid has too many amazing qualities to not be one of your weekly winter meals.