What’s Your Rapper Name?

By Jacqui McLean 

I am sure we have all heard of some interesting rapper names. Some of the most notable being Ski Mask, A Boogie, Future, Pitbull and 50 cent. While some names are quite suitable, others make absolutely no sense. But why let rappers have all the fun creating silly names for themselves? Below is a rap name generator using the first letter of your first and last names. See what silly combination you end up with. 

First Name:

A – lil
B – big
C – young
D – da
E- money
F – fella
G – dip
H -old
I – rich
J – money
K- king
L- ice
N- bad
O- balla
P- princess
Q- tired
R- mad
S- baby
T- always
U- forreal
W- woah
X- swag
Y- sad
Z- prince

Last Name: 

A – sizzle
B- munchkin
C- dipper
D- kidd
E- teacup
F- funk
G- groovy
H- hotty
I- jewels
J- cash
K- dawg
L- beast
M- diamond
N- biscuit
O- licorice
P- cube
Q- baby
R- dinero
S- fly
T- money
U- slice
V- fire
W- fresh
X- thunder
Y- shrimp
Z- hammer