The Frightening Mind of Armie Hammer

Armie Hammer Is Selling Timeshares in the Caymans, After All - Variety

By Julia Kemp

Armie Hammer, actor in Call Me By Your Name, On the Basis of Sex, The Social Network, and more, has recently been exposed for his deranged sexual fantasies—one of which being cannibalism. In early 2021, DMs between Hammer and multiple alleged victims surfaced on social media, containing explicit and disturbing details of the actor’s sexual fantasies. Hammer, of course, took to the internet, calling the DM’s “b***s***.”

About a year after the messages began to flood the feeds of millions online, Discovery+ created a docu-series, titled House of Hammer, about Hammer and his questionable and frightening sexual history. The docu-series features multiple alleged victims, who share DMs, voice memos, and personal stories. Ironically, in the same week that Discovery+ announced the docu-series, Call Me By Your Name director Luca Guadagnino announced his new cannibalism-littered film, Bones and All, starring Call Me By Your Name actor Timmotheé Chalamet. 

In my opinion, after all of the news and social media buzz, Armie Hammer can never participate in the acting world again. He will probably continue to sell time shares in the Cayman Islands and hide his face, just like he is doing right now.