“It’s Time”

Stranger Things 4 - OFFICIAL POSTER on Behance

By Avalon Kelly


With millions of fans having anxiously awaited the release of the next installment of the show, Stranger Things 4 shocked and excited Netflix viewers with its detailed plotline, gruesome nature, and countless plot twists.  The season begins with the original group split between three locations: Hawkins, California, and Russia.  The plot follows the members of each location as they all face the looming threat of Hawkins’ destruction by a new antagonist, Vecna.  It is revealed that Vecna has been the mastermind behind all previous incidents within the town, and his goal is to bring the Upside Down to Hawkins.  The season lasts a whopping 13 hours long, and covers countless backstories, plotlines, and challenges.

Although I appreciate the long runtime of this season, I wish that the producers had given more time for the climax and resolution of the season rather than seemingly dragging out the plotline of the first seven episodes.  The last two episodes felt extremely rushed as we watched the losing battle against Vecna, the destruction of Hawkins, the (seeming) deaths of two beloved characters, and the reunification of our many heros back in Hawkins—or, more accurately, what is left of it.  Additionally, I am disappointed in the lack of action from our California group, namely Will, Jonathan, Mike, and Argyle.  Their participation in the final battle against Vecna was largely inconsequential—they built a sensory deprivation tank and cheered Eleven on as she fought to save Max and finally destroy Vecna.  It saddens me to see Will continue to be ostracized within the group with his complicated (to say the least) relationship with Mike and distance from his other friends; I also hope to see him play a larger role in Season 5.  Finally, like many viewers, I am terrified for the fate of Max in Season 5—Eleven’s rash attempt to bring her back to life leaves me wondering if our favorite redhead will ever awaken, and, if so, if she will still be Max.  I predict that this will be a major part of the plot in the upcoming season.  Overall, however, Stranger Things 4 kept me on the edge of my seat throughout, and never failed to intrigue me with its shocking plotlines and beloved characters.