Nope Gets a Heck Yes!

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By Elika Kalami

Admirable for its originality and ability to exceed all expectations, Nope adds a thrilling spectacle to director Jordan Peele’s collection of horror movies. The sci-fi thriller follows a one-of-a-kind story of two siblings, O.J. and Emerald, who run a horse ranch in California. Played by stars Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer, the pair discover a mysterious and wonderfully sinister object in the skies above them. O.J. and Emerald make it their mission to capture this floating monstrosity on camera to profit from the footage. Working alongside a first-rate cast, including Steven Yeun and Brandon Perea, the characters endure a series of horrifying events in hopes of achieving their goal. 

When it comes to creating highly-successful horror movies, there’s no accusing Peele of playing it safe. Many scenes from the movie dropped the jaws of the entire theater, while holding them in a shivery spell. Its pace had the audience holding their breaths, anticipating the next scene. Many specific moments also had a long-lasting effect on my friends and I. I never knew I could be so scared of chimpanzees, but Peele’s brilliant mind and execution defied all my expectations! 
Nope was a movie unlike any I have seen before — its intense, edgy, and immersive cinematography blew my mind! If you can handle thriller movies and want to increase your thinking skills, I highly recommend watching Jordan Peele’s Nope.