Dinner For Four

By Julia Kemp

An ocean breeze moves across a beach at sunset. It ruffles through my windswept hair as I lay across a gingham blanket. My sister, Cat Kemp, sits beside me as we watch the pinks and oranges turn to black on the horizon. “Ello luv,” whispers a familiar voice, muffled by the sounds of waves crashing onto the sand. Harry Styles takes a seat, his delicately ringed fingers trifling through fancy cheese, figs, strawberries, and french bread on a smooth, wooden board. Suddenly, an angelic blonde goddess comes into my view, backlit by the setting sun. Taylor Alison Swift begins to sing an acoustic version of “Out of the Woods,” and Harry’s eyes begin to water. 

After hours of a beautiful picnic, we ate all of our fine cheese and fresh fruit. Cat and I then began a conversation with the two icons. We talk about things ranging from their musical careers to their favorite colors to their past romantic connection. After a long deliberation, we convince the two to rekindle their relationship. Though Taylor is in a relationship with Joe and Harry is in a relationship with Olivia (ew), we show them the power that they would hold if they would get back together, and they agree. 

Finally, after their relationship became stronger than ever, Cat and I convinced them to adopt us and we made plans to move to London together. The day ended when the sun dipped below the coast, and we walked tear-eyed to Harry’s brand new Rolls Royce, bedazzled with a diamond license plate that reads: TPWK. As we rode off together, bellies full of fancy cheese and hearts full of happiness, we sang “Style” at the top of our lungs and let the twinkling evening stars shine above us.