Cinque Terre

By Isabella Brady Pronounced “chin-qway tay-ray” this alluring travel destination is as beautiful as its name. Having visited Italy multiple times, this is by far my favorite place to visit for its location, architecture and vibrant culture. At first glance, the city is a collection of warmly colored buildings nestled into Italy’s coastal hillside, howeverContinue reading “Cinque Terre”

Let’s Compost!

By Emi Gruender Have you ever taken a look inside one of the many trash cans that dot our campus? If you have, you’re bound to notice the major component of the contents – food. The cafeteria serves the same items every day. The burgers, chicken teriyaki box, benefit bars, and of course, the unpopularContinue reading “Let’s Compost!”

Heavenly Heath Bars

By Cat Kemp While many believe the best Halloween candy is something simple and boring like Hersheys or Twix, there is one simple winner of all the Halloween candy in my eyes: Heath Bars. Despite their crunchy deliciousness, Heath bars get an undeserved bad-rep. I will admit, when I first tried this candy, sitting inContinue reading “Heavenly Heath Bars”

Would I Survive?

By Kendall Albrecht As spooky season approaches, enthusiastic Halloween fans decorate houses, plan costumes, eat candy corn, and most importantly, start watching scary movies. With hundreds to choose from in the horror/thriller genre, a creepy film can always get your adrenaline pumping. While hiding under the covers, many find themselves shaking their heads at theContinue reading “Would I Survive?”

Fall Fashion Show

By Sydney Reese As we are approaching fall, with the gentle breeze, warm drinks, fuzzy socks, sweet scents, fun activities, autumn decorations, and, of course, the beautiful display of bright colors, many of us go out of our way to step on the fallen, crunchy leaves. But why do leaves turn old and crispy? WhyContinue reading “Fall Fashion Show”

No More Halloween Haunt

By Madeline Crowley As a Great America season pass holder, the Halloween Haunt was the event I looked forward to most every fall. As trick or treating became less important, the more thrilling activity became visiting the creepy haunted houses and attractions found at Great Americas haunt nights with all your friends. The many HalloweenContinue reading “No More Halloween Haunt”