TikTok on the Clock 

By Emma Kidger and Madeleine Stiffler

Since 2016, TikTok continues to be a roaring entertainment site and social media platform. Especially during quarantine, teenagers were sucked into watching and participating in a variety of trends. From funny video audios to certain aesthetics, the list of hysterical trends within the year 2021 are endless. Reflecting on the past year of TikTok we came across some of the most popular trends and below are the most memorable:

  1. Rushtok
  2. Main character
  3. Sheeeesh
  4. Silent yelling
  5. Berries & Cream 
  6. Good soup 
  7. POV:
  8. …In my head rent free
  9. Emily Mariko 
  10. The masculine urge to…/ The feminine urge to… 
  11. Freezing honey
  12. Album cover 
  13. I was busy thinkin’ ‘bout… 
  14. Don’t be surprised if one day I just…