Cheer Update

By Kendall Albrecht

As we enter the winter months, the competition cheer team’s season really kicks off. Black team, competing for the first place Nationals trophy in the USA competitions, has attended multiple events so far this season. At these competitions, a panel of judges watches a two and a half minute routine consisting of a dance, a cheer, jumps, tumbling, and most importantly stunts, performed by each participating team. Routines receive points in categories such as difficulty, execution, and showmanship for each section of their performance. Black team scored over 80 points at their first competition, qualifying them for nationals. Black team later placed first at two other competitions in December and hopes to continue improving throughout January and February. Meanwhile, Red team performs at UCA competitions, a new accomplishment for Westmont cheer. UCA nationals is an event that takes place further away from home in Florida. Receiving their 80 point bid to nationals at a past competition, Red team prepares to increase difficulty in their performances at upcoming competitions and eventually perform alongside east coast schools in Florida.  

While Black and Red team work hard, the coaches also put together group stunt routines. Group stunt, another division in which teams can compete, requires a single stunt group of just four to five people to present a minute-long routine. While traditional competition cheer includes a team of around 15 performing dance, jumps, tumbling and more, group stunt consists of only stunting for the entire minute. Westmont prepares two group stunt teams, one to compete in the  advanced group stunt division, and the other to compete in the intermediate division. Group Stunt athletes competed with this routine in addition to their Black team routine at a competition on December 11. Intermediate stunt placed third in their division, and Advanced placed second. Intermediate Group stunt received above an 80, meaning they will attend nationals.

Cheer also starts up again for sideline athletes. Sideline cheer prepares to encourage Westmont’s basketball teams by teaching cheers to new members, and getting back into rhythm after a break from sideline post-football season. Whether on sideline, Red team, Black team, and/or a group stunt team, Westmont’s cheerleaders work hard to boost spirit and bring back a win for the Warriors.