Cuomo Chastened

By Lindsay Der

Around a month ago, Andrew Cuomo, former Democratic governor of New York, resigned in disgrace from his position, after a barrage of sexual harassment allegations. An investigation from the New York Attorney General’s office detailed the sexual harassment of 11 women, staffed under Cuomo and otherwise. Cuomo’s initial response to the investigation likely only served to make matters worse, as he excused his behavior by stating that he acted overly affectionate with everyone, with Cuomo’s office releasing a montage including photos of the former governor getting up close and personal with many people.During the COVID crisis, Cuomo filled the television screens of many New Yorkers, providing a voice of reason, contrasting Trump’s continuous recklessness regarding the spread of the pandemic. However, when news broke that Cuomo’s administration had covered up the COVID deaths of nursing home residents, the governor’s reputation took a harsh blow. For months prior to the release of the official investigation report, women had been coming out with sexual harassment allegations against the governor. The national Democratic party quickly sought to distance itself from Cuomo, with many prominent Democratic leaders calling for Cuomo’s resignation, including President Biden. As Cuomo waits for the scandal to blow over, he has been seen couch surfing in the Hamptons, staying with a friend. Cuomo and citizens alike, however, wait to see if these allegations will result in any criminal charges. Kathy Hochul, New York’s lieutenant governor, has since stepped into the role of acting governor. Though some New Yorkers feel wary about Hochul’s abilities due to her lack of public image, her work as a congresswoman has proven her a qualified candidate. As more and more prominent political figures are exposed for their indecent behavior, we are reminded of the painfully prevalent culture of sexual harassment in our society.