Athletes Unlimited

By Jacqui McLean 

For too long many of the world’s most talented athletes have been underrepresented in professional sports. Sports including women’s lacrosse, softball, ice hockey, soccer, and men’s volleyball, don’t have a platform to play professionally. Athletes Unlimited is changing the game by providing an avenue for these athletes to pursue their dreams while including  a viewing opportunity for their fans. 

Athletes Unlimited just wrapped up its debut season of softball. Olympians, college athletes, and players for team USA came together to play in a month long, fantasy like league. For every play, point, out, and error, competitors can lose or gain points in an attempt to be the highest ranked player at the end of gameplay. Additionally, fans and other participating athletes  can vote on MVPs and plays of the game to grant players more points and cash bonuses. Athletes Unlimited is like no other league due to its elimination of team owners and coaches. Instead, the players themselves get to choose new teams every week based on their point ranking. They also receive monetary benefits directly, granting playing opportunities for athletes who once never believed their sport could be a part of their life past college. Cat Osterman, the 37 year old winner of Athletes Unlimited Softball, is a great example of a prolonged career made possible due to Athletes Unlimited. Sponsored by ESPN and CBS Sports Network, this unique style of gameplay is sure to stick around and change the sporting world as we know it.