Senegal’s Surprising Success

By Christo Hunter

The past few months the world has struggled with Covid-19, and although some countries are slowly improving, many are not. But, surprisingly enough, Senegal is among the top countries handling the pandemic. With 24 hour test results, temperature checks everywhere, and no fights over masks, Senegal took the number 2 spot in a recent analysis on how 36 countries are handling the virus. They received strong marks for “a high degree of preparedness and a reliance on facts and science”, while the USA was taken down for many different shortcomings. Senegal supports a relatively lackluster healthcare system when compared to the United States, so it’s interesting that they’re doing so much better. Senegal’s success in tackling Ebola provided a great blueprint in responding to the new virus and Mackey Sall’s, Senegal’s president, high confidence, guarantees that people take his warnings and the government’s protocols seriously.