Playoff Predictions

By Ricky Thompson 

Western Conference

Round One:

Los Angeles Lakers over Portland Trailblazers in 6

Houston Rockets over Oklahoma City Thunder in 7

Utah Jazz over Denver Nuggets in 7

Los Angeles Clippers in 6

Round 2:

Los Angeles Lakers over Houston Rockets in 6

Los Angeles Clippers over Utah Jazz in 5


Los Angeles Lakers over Los Angeles Clippers in 7

Eastern Conference

Round 1:

Milwaukee Bucks over Orlando Magic in 4

Miami Heat over Indiana Pacers in 4

Boston Celtics over Philadelphia 76ers in 6

Toronto Raptors over Brooklyn Nets in 4

Round 2:

Milwaukee Bucks over Miami Heat in 6

Toronto Raptors over Boston Celtics in 7


Milwaukee Bucks over Toronto Raptors in 6

Finals: Milwaukee Bucks over Los Angeles Lakers in 7 (This is completely wrong as of know but that’s the point of a prediction)