Op/Ed, 8 23

I have been asking myself how society has ever gotten to a point where teens feel such strong urges to fit beauty standards that they spend hours tending to their makeup, hundreds of dollars on various cosmetics, and all in all, sacrifice their hormonal and blemish full skin for an unnatural amount of makeup.

The answer is clear; we are just trying to feel beautiful. 

Girl At Mirror by Norman Rockwell

Ever since the launch of ChatGPT early this year, countless people have asked me, “Why would you major in the humanities?…Won’t AI make an English degree useless?”  In the Silicon Valley, going to college for a degree in anything other than STEM is perceived as a waste of time and money.  AI has introduced a plethora of doubt regarding our future careers; however, I believe that the skills fostered by a major in the humanities will prove to be evermore essential in our evolving, high-tech world.

Little Women Print By Norman Rockwell

Anti-aging wrinkle cream line the aisles of Ulta. “Never ask a woman her age,” your mother teaches you at the age of 5. In today’s society, women are forced to learn to be afraid of aging. Men are allowed to be bald, but women dye their hair to avoid a single gray hair. As Taylor Swift once said, “I’ve learned that society is constantly sending very loud messages to women that exhibiting the physical signs of aging is the worst thing that can happen to us.” According to Forbes, we get wiser and overall more content as we age. So why is aging seen as negative?

Symmetrical Face by Norman Rockwell