Music 5, 2023

Her Loss

By Haris Kadich

Drake and 21 Savage, two of the biggest names in rap, collaborated on the album Her Loss as a duo. This album might have been the best of the year. Four of the album’s songs are among the top 10 songs on Billboard’s top 100 chart. This album does not, in my opinion, have a single skippable song. The album’s production was flawless, and Drake and 21 Savage work perfectly together. Some songs give you a surge of energy, while others are ideal for a late-night drive. “Middle of the Ocean,” “BackOutsideBoyz,” and “Jumbotron Sh*t Poppin” are some of my personal favorites that I would suggest listening to. The album also debuted as the #1 album on the Billboard charts.

Meet Me at Midnight: Midnights Review

On October 21, 2022, the highly anticipated Midnights by Taylor Swift was released on all streaming platforms. It has now been a good amount of time since the release, enough time to fully understand, analyze, and appreciate the songs in their entirety. The album dominated the Top 10 of the Billboard Top 100…

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