Wrapping Up 2022 Streaming…

By Keira De Vita

As the date slowly approaches, tweets are posted and rants are spread, the internet begins to buzz. Spotify Wrapped is around the corner. Spotify Wrapped is the cumulative data of listeners, a year’s review of what they listen to from January 1 to October 31. 

It baffles me every year as friends and strangers scattered through the depths of the internet complain about Spotify Wrapped. The most commonly quoted rant from these complaining individuals is “Spotify Wrapped does not define me.” A comical line due to the fact that it does. It defines your music taste. It is what the listener listens to, so it proves unfair to argue that Spotify Wrapped does not define music tastes or type of music listened to throughout specific seasons of the year.  

I for one am stoked to uncover my data from 2022. My predictions for my personal music taste follow along the lines of change, but also a comfort of continuation and familiarity. I find myself excited to discover new music and grow a deeper appreciation of pre-existing music, getting lost in lyrics, and diving into lyricism–I am also eager to blast music and experience each word the way it was intended to be played.