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The Grown-Up Hysteria Around TikTok's Devious Licks Trend

Licks of a Devious Nature

By Collin Murray & Eric Vallen

With TikTok’s seemingly overnight success a few years ago as well as the app’s ability to stay in the limelight for years after its emergence came many viral trends that  swept the nation. Many of the aforementioned trends have positive natures, but a select few are not so lighthearted, such as the recent “devious lick” trend… (continue reading on the Issue of the Issue page)

This Day in History: October 13 

By Cuinn Huber 

1812: Britain defeats American forces at the battle of Queenstown Heights, ending the American invasion of Canada.

1884: Greenwich, in London, is made the Universal Time meridian of longitude.

1903: The Boston Americans win the first World Series.

1943: Italy declares war on Germany, joining World War II on the side of the allies.

1960: Nixon and JFK do the first ever televised presidential debate.

1966: The Jimmi Hendrix experience plays their first show in France.

1971: Sacha Baron Cohen is born!

1992: 31 British coal mines close.

2008: Iceland temporarily closes their stock exchange due to unusual market trends. 

2010: 33 Chilean miners are rescued after being trapped in a copper gold mine for over two months. 

Homecoming Court

Top Row: Henry Stern, Quinn Hoang, Ian Grosch; Bottom Row: Reiko Scilingo, Kendyl Brower, Diana Brodskiy, Emma Kidger, Lily Matt

“Homecoming court at Westmont is a way to recognize 9 role model seniors on our campus who are dedicated, involved, and public-spirited. Congrats to all who were chosen!”

Article Highlights:

By Emma Kidger

By Nupur Kudapkar

By Rina Weaver


By Hailey Abdilla, Kendyl Brower, Sophia Christensen, Lindsay Der

“Mr. 305, Mr. Worldwide, Pitbull– by any name, the Cuban American superstar knows how to put on a show. Pitbull and Iggy Azalea’s “I Feel Good Tour” gives fans everywhere a concert “you won’t forget…”” (continue reading on the Music page)

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