FYP at The Met

See Photos of Emma Chamberlain's 2021 Met Gala Dress

By Emma Kidger 

Ranging from talk of the theme to critique of fashion, the 2021 Met Gala brought back conflicting reviews on the annual fashion event. One of the biggest conversations surrounding the Met specifically focused on the attendees. While many Met lovers were not surprised to see figures like model Kendall Jenner or, of course, the lady of the evening, Anna Wintour, there were a few guests that seemed out of place. 

First-time attendees and TikTok superstars Addison Rae and Dixie D’amelio were only a few of the questionable attendants of the biggest night in fashion. Through Instagram and especially Youtube, so-called “influencers” have been able to explicitly give viewers a casual insight into their life and their thoughts. Due to the openness between influencers and their followers, many have seemed to pick up similar habits, thought processes, and routines especially when it comes to fashion. 

Due to their massive impact on trends and pop culture, Influencers have created a blurry line which differs from luxury fashion and everyday clothing trends. Does their impact on fashion allow them a door to participate in highly prestigious and luxurious fashion brands in events? When I first looked at Addison Rae’s, frankly basic red dress, I ultimately thought no. However, Youtuber Emma Chamberlain quickly challenged my quick remark. While receiving continuous applause for her first appearance at the Met wearing Louis Vuitton, Emma Chamberlain seemed to comfortably find her place. Over the past years of her channel, she went from a simple 16-year-old girl from the Bay Area to an L.A. fashion icon for many teenagers. From Levi’s to Louis Vuitton, she has definitely defined herself within the fashion world. If an influencer like Emma Chamberlain can seem to fit in, why can’t others?

The simple answer is influencers or celebrities don’t automatically know or can effectively represent anything about fashion just because they’re famous. By inviting various social media stars whether fashionable or not, the Met gala becomes more of a marketing strategy rather than promoting the event solely on behalf of fashion and fashion designers. Influencers opened the chance for more viewers to watch the Met, which was crucially needed due to the setbacks of followers after the pandemic. While I loved watching and waiting to see what my favorite social media stars would wear at the Met, they don’t necessarily bring any remarkable influences to the fashion realm.