Volleyball Preview

By Kendyl Brower  13 Westmont athletes are ready to pass, set, and hit their way to gold this season. With 9 returning varsity players, the Westmont Girls Volleyball team is expected to be successful. Though last season was not ideal –the girls practicing on the grass with outdoor nets for a couple months– the playersContinue reading “Volleyball Preview”

Edible Energy

By Kendyl Brower  Take a stroll through the streets of Seville, Spain and you will encounter more than 50,000 tangy, delightfully scented orange trees. An emblem of the city, Seville oranges pack a bitter punch so strong that many do not find them appetizing. Moreover, once the oranges hit the ground, the fruits are quiteContinue reading “Edible Energy”

The Truman Show: No Longer Fiction

By Kendyl Brower Truman left the paradise and prison of Seahaven Island for a reason: his artificial, repetitive life was unfulfilling. Moreover, producers broadcasted his entire existence 24/7 around the world, exploiting every ounce of Truman’s privacy. Thankfully, The Truman Show is just a silly fictional movie… right?  Unfortunately, the invasive documentation of one’s lifeContinue reading “The Truman Show: No Longer Fiction”

Rape Culture: Why It’s Hard to Come Forward

By Kendyl Brower  10 years passed before Rachael Denhollander publicly accused former US Gymnastics Team Doctor Larry Nassar of sexual assault. 18 years passed before Virginia Roberts Giuffre came out about her dehumanizing experience with Jeffery Epstein. 36 years passed before Christine Blasey Ford reported her assault story with Supreme Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh.  WhyContinue reading “Rape Culture: Why It’s Hard to Come Forward”

Sia Later

By Kendyl Brower  Ignorantly hiding behind her infamous bob, Australian singer Sia refuses to accept criticism for her recent project, Music. Although her intentions for the film may have been in good heart, the execution was a complete trainwreck. The film about a non-speaking austistic girl prompted a storm of harsh but valid critiques, soContinue reading “Sia Later”

The Price of Pink

By Kendyl Brower  Pink is my favorite color. From beauty products to stationary, I always find myself  gravitating toward the vibrant color while shopping. However, the pretty pink packaging can be deceiving, as pink packaged goods retail for a much heftier price than plain packaged versions of the same product. The cause? Third degree priceContinue reading “The Price of Pink”

Argentina Legalizes Abortions

By Kendyl Brower  Abortion rights activists decked out in green clothing parade outside of Buenos Aires’ congressional palace. The occasion? Argentina’s Senate passed the historic law that legalized abortions.  In a country where Catholicism runs deep, the fight for abortion rights has been a streneous journey. Argentina practiced some tightest abortion regulations in the world;Continue reading “Argentina Legalizes Abortions”

TMG Podcast

By Kendyl Brower  Tech developers-turned internet celebrities-turned music duo Cody Ko and Noel Miller perfectly combine witty jokes, vulgar comedy, and casual conversation on their podcast Tiny Meat Gang (TMG). While both have large followings on their personal platforms, their collaborative content on TMG truly brings out their skills as entertainers. Longtime friends, Cody andContinue reading “TMG Podcast”