The Best Coffee Products

By Kendyl Brower 

Lattes, cold brew, macchiatos, oh my! As a self proclaimed coffee connoisseur, I make around two to three delicious coffees every single day. I absolutely love learning how to make new drinks, but I know getting started can be pretty daunting. Thus, I have crafted a list of essential products for anyone who wants to move beyond Keurig coffee and into the world of caffeine goodness. 

  1. Moka Pot 

A great alternative to espresso machines are moka pots. Though they do not produce espresso, moka pots allow users to get extremely strong and rich coffee at a much more affordable price. Moreover, moka pots prove easier to use while still packing a powerful punch. 

Bialetti Moka Pot 

  1. Milk frother 

Using a milk frother, you can add a layer of foamy froth that enhances any drink of your choice. Milk frothers are cheap and easy to use, perfect for stepping up coffee with a creamy, delightful texture. 

Milk Frother 

  1. Syrups 

In order to spice up any drink, consider purchasing coffee syrups. Syrups takes drinks to a whole nother level by building up a more complicated flavor profile. You can choose a flavor that caters to you or try new, extraordinary drinks without going to Starbucks. 

Torani Syrups

  1. Bonus: Espresso Machine 

Espresso machines are a huge investment. If you regularly enjoy espresso drinks but find yourself always purchasing one from a cafe, it may be time to get an espresso machine. At home, you can choose from manual, prosumer, semi automatic, and fully automatic espresso machines. The more labor intensive machines give you, the barista, full control over the amount of grounds and tamper pressure whereas the quicker, automatic options produce a consistent, less customizable shot. If controlling the quality of your shots is important to you, I recommend getting a prosumer, considering that the manual will be quite tedious on a day to day basis. However, if you just want a classic cup, get an automatic machine to make espresso efficiently. 

Most cafe style drinks require espresso shots, but if you are not ready to invest in one, do not fret! There are still many delectable drinks to make without an espresso machine. 

Breville Espresso Machine