Top 3 Halloween Candies

By Sinchana Holla

As the crisp autumn air settles in and the leaves turn vibrant shades of orange and red, it can only mean one thing – Halloween is just around the corner. While this spooky season brings with it a plethora of thrilling traditions, from haunted houses to elaborate costumes, there’s one thing that remains a quintessential part of every Halloween celebration: candy. Although it will be controversial, I present to you, the top 3 best Halloween candies. 

  1. 3 Musketeers 

A candy bar consisting of chocolate-covered, fluffy, whipped nougat, musketeers deserves the top spot on the list. With the perfect ratio of chocolate to nougat, every bite provides one with complete satisfaction. Musketeers give a light, fluffy goodness, taking the number one position. 

  1. Sour Patch Kids

These soft, chewy candies burst onto the palate with a tangy and sour punch that prepares the taste buds before yielding to a sweet, fruity finish. The balance between the initial sour explosion and the subsequent sweetness is a beautiful concoction of flavors. Their vibrant colors and playful shapes add to the overall fun factor, making them an irresistible treat for both kids and adults.

  1. Kit Kats

Kit Kats continuously demonstrate a deserving superiority over other Halloween candies due to their delectable taste, numerous flavors, and shareable structure. The traditional treat harbors a sweet milk chocolate coating over a perfectly crispy and crunchy wafer. Kit Kats prove architecturally effortless to enjoy, considering they have been manufactured into satisfyingly breakable columns. Additionally, the easy-tear plastic protects eager fingers from any mess. For any person not pleased with milk chocolate, the candy comes in a multitude of magnificent flavors, ranging from classic dark chocolate to strawberry, and even seasonal flavors like pumpkin pie.