Spooky Witches and Cackling Laughter: Hocus Pocus

By Laura Lipcsei

Dramatic music, dark scenery, witches cackling; Hocus Pocus captured my attention within the first few minutes of watching. We all know the story of Hocus Pocus and the three iconic Sanderson sisters; Winifred, Sarah, and Mary, but I believe we don’t give Hocus Pocus enough credit, as it is genuinely one of the best films I have ever watched. Although the film is fittingly spooky for Halloween, sprinkled throughout the movie are silly scenes and comedic irony, such as when Sarah complains about the noose around her neck being uncomfortable instead of freaking out, and when the sisters start singing while the townspeople try to hang them. The eerie yet unserious atmosphere of Hocus Pocus perfectly captures the feeling of Halloween; the scary decorations and haunted houses of Halloween create a creepy feeling, but simultaneously the candy and silly costumes produce an amusing ambiance. The overdramatic personalities of the witches themselves further adds to the Halloween-like atmosphere of the movie, as Halloween is a time when people go overboard with decorations and costumes, making them as dramatic as possible. Hocus Pocus embodies Halloween better than any movie I have seen before. If I could, I would watch the movie over and over again.