It’s Oogie Boogie Time

By Anna Genna

Despite the fact that I watch this movie year round, it is now the socially acceptable time to watch the glorious Nightmare Before Christmas. Directed by Henry Selick with music by Danny Elfman, this movie follows Jack Skellington, a resident of Halloweentown, as he discovers the beauty of Christmas. Running a little over an hour long, this movie is perfect to watch when your attention span is as short as mine. 

Nightmare Before Christmas is my favorite movie, and a main reason being the incredible stop motion animation. With art direction by Deane Taylor, the intricate puppets dance around the screen, craftily telling the story. The artistic style is so distinct in this movie, which only adds to the beauty, but also makes it clear from a glance what movie it is. The songs are also notable, with “This is Halloween” and “Oogie Boogie’s Song” being the most popular. The soundtrack is quite simply fun to listen to, and does its job of moving the story along. 

In reality, why I adore this movie so much is because it’s fun. With conniving characters like Lock, Shock, and Barrel, it is hard not to enjoy yourself while watching this movie.