She Never Goes Out of Style

By Sadie York

Walking around campus, it’s hard to miss senior fashion icon Keira De Vita. Each day she comes to school with an outfit guaranteed to turn heads. Whether she’s wearing clothes formally or for comfort, each article of clothing will fashionably sync with each other. Keira is also heavily involved in the fashion community at Westmont. As a member of the club Indesign and being in charge of running a dress closet for students who can’t afford clothes to school dances, Keira is able to gain an understanding on all aspects of fashion. De Vita herself answered some questions to give her peers insight on her style!

Do you have a fashion inspiration?

It took me a long time to find the style I like so I just wear what I like and feel comfortable in. Also, I take inspiration from Lexi Hidalgo from Instagram.

What’s your favorite clothing item?

Any huge pair of pants that I have, or my bikinis.

Favorite store to buy clothes?

Goodwill or Free People.

Favorite store to thrift at?

Goodwill, specifically the one on Prospect.

Favorite way to accessorize?

Bracelets, all different types: friendship, braided, purchased, crystals, flip flop recycled ones, pura vida.

Favorite hairstyle to wear?

Hair down with some kind of curl or wave.

Favorite fashion trend?

Big bottoms and tight tops or beach wear.

Overrated fashion trend?

I hate fall fashion and redheads wearing green.

Best color pairing to wear?

In general, blues and golds but personally on me I like pink, so pink and gold together.

Favorite pair of shoes?

100% my Birkenstocks. I wear them everywhere.