Warrior Wardrobe: Owen Andersen

By Matthew Etzel

Promenading into class on his signature leather huaraches, Owen Andersen captures the gaze of astonished classmates. Though he sports a variety of unique fabrics and footwear, Owen composes consistent vibes ensuring that his unorthodox style remains unmistakable and authentic. In this issue of The Shield, I’ve had the opportunity to meet the man himself and uncover the secrets of the ubiquitous “Owen Drip.” 

What’s the vibe?

I’m going for a fun uncle, or funcle, type dealio.

What fashion icons inspire you?

Diego Mantelli and Alex Sabahat.

What is your favorite pair of kicks?

My huaraches. They are orange and are at least partially leather and give my dogs so much breathing room.

What is your favorite Hawaiian shirt?

Oh lord don’t make me pick. I really like my light blue and white one at the moment.

Where do you acquire these fine fabrics?

Goodwill at Prospect and San Tomas. I’m down bad for affordability.

What is your least favorite fashion item?

Baggy and saggy sweatpants. They’re not doing anybody any favors. I don’t want to see your underwear. Get some therapy.

Any words for our cherished readers?

Please help me, Matthew Etzel has kidnapped me and my huaraches. I’m at 308 Negra Arroyo Lane, send the authorities immediately.