New Staff: Kristina Canales

Subject: College and Career Center (but it used to be ESL for many years)

College: Interamerican University of Puerto Rico – Metro Campus

High School: I went to a few, but spent the most time at Roosevelt Roads High School in Ceiba, PR

Place of Birth: Fajardo, PR

Years in Education: 10

Pet Peeve(s): When people move my books around

Heroes: My sister, Amanda

Favorite Song: Right now it’s “ME TENGO QUE IR” by Karol G & Kali Uchis

Most Influential Teacher: Mrs. Mojica, my high school science teacher. Her class was a lot of fun. I still remember the things she taught us. She’s the reason I decided to become a teacher.

Favorite Meal: Whatever my sister makes. She is a fantastic cook and I have a hard time picking favorites!

Gas Station Order: A Snapple Peach Iced Tea and French fries

Ideal Vacation: where I can go home to spend time with my family in Puerto Rico

A student needs…


A teacher is…

the way