AOTI: Jolly Molly

By Nadia Rivas 

Westmont’s very own Molly Jarret is a rock star on and off the playing field. At Westmont, Molly is on varsity for field hockey, soccer, and badminton. Since the age of 11, Molly has been an athletic person playing field hockey for six years, as well as soccer for four years, and badminton for two. She is an outstanding athlete as well as a hardworking student balancing a busy life. Although Molly does find it challenging, she never fails to get it done. She has had many great accomplishments, such as becoming one of the captains of the field hockey team and badminton and she has been awarded the Most Improved superlative numerous times. Molly shares that she’s looking forward to senior night and team bonding this year. Molly was kind enough to share her pre-game and post game rituals. “Right before any game or match I listen to hype music to get in the zone and I party.” On the other hand, after a game “I [Molly] eat an outshine bar which is my favorite. I usually sit down and unwind while doing so.” Other than sports, Molly is a part of ASB and is described as a bright fun person. Teammate Prisha Jain says “Molly is the sweetest and most encouraging person both on and off the field, she always has a very positive energy and her cats are super cute.” Classmate Milko Kedir says, “Molly is such a fun person to be around; she is always so excited and always carries a positive attitude.” Although Molly’s time as a Westmont warrior is coming to a close, she wishes to continue to play either field hockey or badminton in college. One of Molly’s favorite memories of her time here at Wesmont is all the team dinners and becoming friends with her greatest pal Rina Weaver.  Molly is such a fun and fresh person who is hardworking, dedicated and supportive on and off the field. We are so fortunate to have Molly as the athlete of this issue.