He Never Goes Out of Style

By Hailey Kearns 

Harry Styles, a pop music icon esteemed for his impeccable musical talents which continue to break down gender norms regarding the world of celebrity fashion. Styles is not only a music star but also a fashion role model for the upcoming generations. His style is known in today’s pop culture as elegant and bold as he is seen gracefully wearing long flowing dresses, eccentric loose tops and pants, and beautifully crafted feminine skirts. Inspiring others to also break traditional gender fashion norms and step into their individual creativity, Styles’ androgynous style thus sparks a continuous trend of exhibiting self-expression through clothing. 

In an interview with L’Officiel, Styles spoke about how traditional gender norms in fashion continue to break down as more people are coming to realize fashion can be whatever someone desires. Styles happily declared, “I don’t think people are still looking for this gender differentiation. Even if the masculine and feminine exist, their limits are subject to be good…these parameters are no longer as strict as before, and it gives rise to great freedom.” Acknowledging the pattern of such restrictions, this new rise of rebelling to prior norms illustrates how greater fashion freedom is taking place not only in the United States but globally as well. 

In addition to Styles speaking out about gender norms in the fashion industry, he also makes statements through his groundbreaking photos. Back in December 2020, Styles did a photoshoot with Vogue and he was pictured in long feminine dresses and a long belted skirt. When asked about the clothing he wore, Styles said, “I find myself looking at women’s clothes, thinking that they’re amazing.” Boldly supporting women’s fashion as a man shows Styles open-mindedness for appreciating all types of clothing. As the captivating photos took the internet by storm, the photos swarmed the media, resulting in a range of outspoken viewers’ opinions. An abundance of people applauded Styles for embracing his gender-fluid style and for making such a bold statement in the diverse fashion world. The photoshoot fostered discussions about not only fashion but also individuality, confidence, expressionism, and the art of pushing boundaries. The photo shoot is remarked as a pivotal moment in the fashion industry. 

Thanks to Styles and other celebrities, toxic masculinity’s everlasting grip on society dramatically loosens. As more designers, influences, and ordinary people take new approaches to their wardrobes and explore more creative opportunities, there is a growing need for fashion to become more inclusive in all aspects. Instead of fashion feeling rigid, fashion presents itself as empowerment to men and all. As fashion rapidly evolves, toxic masculinity is pushed aside and true individuality reveals and shines through. However, not all agree with this new shift and celebrities like Styles have faced harsh backlash but despite this, the growing supporters outmatch the opposers and the change continues to happen. Through the help of Styles, fashion accentuates itself as embracing an individual’s mind and not their gender norm.