Summer Camp Palooza

By Nupur Kudapkar and Adam Sarsfield 

Adam Sarsfield and I worked together at the Campbell Recreation Day Camp this summer and for almost eight whole weeks we were at what felt like a palooza. 

My personal experience with the Campbell Recreation Day Camp was nothing short of wonderful. The children that you work with make an impact on your lives all while you are making an impact on theirs. The sense of accomplishment I had from knowing I was making a difference in the lives of children and the community made my summer feel less like a job and more like a fulfilling experience. I had no clue how popular this camp was when I signed up for it. I worked with a group called Sunshine Kids (ages 7-8), at our max with 49 kids per week. Unknown to me, we had a child travel in from France specifically to join our camp, and parents who had attended this camp as children were now bringing their children, demonstrating how well-loved the Campbell community is. Additionally, this job taught me a variety of life skills such as management, accountability, planning, and organization. Although summer camp was primarily amazing, there were times when we had to deal with heated parents, bad overall management, cranky kids, etc. Regardless, it certainly provides you with a life experience that you will never forget. 

Adding onto Nupur Kudapkar’s experiences, I was not grounded to one camp. I was what is referred to as a floater. I would move around camps to assist the leaders whenever needed, however I spent a considerable amount of time helping out the group Sea Turtles (7-8) which left me with a very good impression of the young developing minds of the seven to eight year olds. However, even with a majority of my time spent near that age group the Bullfrogs (5-6) will always have my heart. Overall, I worked over 180 hours of pure work and made a fat stack of money for all of my time. I would 100% do this job a million times over for all of the great memories I was able to give to these kids.