Escaping the Heat: Cold Drinks

By Laura Lipcsei

The scorching heat that comes with summer is hard to deal with, especially for me since my AC is broken. One successful way to cool down that I have found is crafting or purchasing a cold beverage; a fun and tasty activity. Some drinks I have made, or attempted to make, are lemonade, iced tea, and smoothies or milkshakes. 

Lemonade is my favorite beverage, so I frequently look for a way to get my hands on it. I make lemonade using the lemons from the lemon tree in my backyard, and use either honey or sugar to sweeten it. I also often dilute it with water and add ice cubes, so that it is not too strong and it is nice and cold. If I want to add some pizzazz to my lemonade, I add some sparkling water, and additionally some sugar and a lemon slice around the rim, which makes it feel extra fancy. Lemonade is filled with vitamin C, and is a very healthy drink, so I would highly recommend trying it. 

Often I find myself in the mood for iced tea, since it is my go-to drink, so naturally, I have experimented with quite a few variations to make it. My go-to is iced Thai milk tea, which I make using Thai tea, milk, ice cubes, and honey or sugar. I prefer using honey over sugar, as I believe honey contains bigger flavors and is healthier than plain sugar. Thai tea is also my favorite type of tea; I love the burnt and sweet taste of it. Another way I make iced tea is by using Earl Grey tea, milk, ice cubes, and honey. Although it is not my favorite tea, Earl Grey is a close second, so I tend to make this kind of tea if I am not in the mood for or if I do not have Thai tea. Since I am lactose intolerant, if I do not feel like suffering, I make an iced tea minus the lactose. The one I make the most is a pomegranate iced tea, which I make using pomegranate tea, honey, and ice cubes. Iced tea is an easy to make, healthy drink, which can also give you energy when it is caffeinated, so I would recommend trying it. 

Whenever I happen to crave a sweet drink, I make a smoothie or a milkshake. I typically make smoothies when I am trying to be healthy, though I often fail at that. I use frozen fruits (fresh ones work too), water or milk, and honey. The smoothies I make the most are strawberry and mango smoothies, and if I want to add some extra flavor, I add ice cream to the smoothie to create a milkshake and smoothie mix. I make milkshakes when I am not trying to be healthy or just craving ice cream. I use milk and ice cream, and tend to use vanilla, chocolate, or mint chip ice cream in my milkshakes, due to the fact that I typically only have vanilla and chocolate ice cream at home, and mint chip is my favorite ice cream flavor. Smoothies and milkshakes are tasty and easy to make, so I would encourage trying them.