New Staff: Wilton Marin

Subject: School Counselor

College: De Anza, San Francisco State University, University of San Francisco

High School: Silver Creek High School

Place of Birth: San Jose

Years in Education: 8

Pet Peeve(s): Waiting for late people

Heroes: Family. I come from a very close family that has always been very supportive and motivating.

Favorite Song: “Bye” by Peso Pluma

Most Influential Teacher: For me, it was a college counselor that was influential in my life. She showed me that I was capable of pursuing my dreams and that I was able to transfer out of De Anza. Without her help, I would have been lost in community college.

Favorite Meal: Enchiladas Verdes

Gas Station Order: Dr. Pepper and Black Hot Cheetos Bag

Ideal Vacation: Visiting a new country for my birthday!

A student needs…

to ask for help. Don’t let the work stack up and allow a small problem to get bigger. Make sure you ask for help early on and resolve any problems. I know asking for help can be difficult but many adults on campus will support you.