AP Bans

By Owen Andersen

As the 2023-24 school year sets in, Florida wipes AP Psychology from state curriculum. In the same vein as the ban on AP African American Studies, Ron DeSantis, Florida’s Governor and presidential candidate, decries both programs as ‘woke’ and ‘indoctrination.’ DeSantis’ administration decrees that AP African Studies lacks, “educational value and historical accuracy” (The Guardian).

Florida’s new state education legislation stipulates limitations on discussion regarding sexual orientation and reproduction in Pre K-8 classrooms. Additionally, Florida now mandates “requirements for specific terminology and instruction relative to health and reproductive education…” (flsenate.gov). AP Psychology’s discussion of LGBTQ+ issues violated the new law, catalyzing the ban. Moreover, further Florida legislation condemns any instruction or training in school and business that leads individuals, “to believe certain specified divisive concepts constitutes unlawful discrimination” (“SB 148″). Initially originating from Critical Race Theory debates, the baseline intent of the bill stands as the elimination of instructional content that makes individuals feel responsible for historical wrongdoings on the basis of race, sex, and or nationality. Florida lawmakers deemed AP African Studies curriculum as a violation of both new laws.

The latest ban on AP Psychology symbolizes a growing trend of education regulation, born from concerns regarding possible political indoctrination within classrooms. Consequently, Florida officials elect politicizing classroom issues as a counter for supposed classroom politicization.