New Staff: Steve Gospe

Subject: Mathematics and Project Lead The Way

College: UC Davis, Stanford

High School: Montgomery High School

Place of Birth: Philadelphia

Years in Education: 1st-year teacher, 22 years of being a student!

Pet Peeve(s): People that are rude, and that don’t want to learn, and are lazy and inconsiderate or rude to others. I have no respect for people that will not apologize or admit a wrongdoing.

Heroes: My parents, in-laws, wife, son and daughter, Robert Noyce, Einstein, Niels Bohr and Schrodinger

Favorite Song: I don’t have one! I love many, many different songs that I love.

Most Influential Teacher: My third grade teacher and my high school biology teacher: they helped me develop a lifelong love of learning, coupled with a firm and loving hand. Their mindset helped me in my years as an engineer, and their example will serve me well as a new teacher.

Favorite Meal: Everything! (Not really into peas, though)

Gas Station Order: I rarely eat at the gas station, but: an energy drink (occasionally) and a chicken sandwich and chips.

Ideal Vacation: Anywhere with my family

A student needs…

Love, support, respect and understanding.

A teacher is…

patient, supportive, encouraging, positive, energetic and always learning and there to help their students and colleagues.