NFL Preseason Recap

By Adam Sarsfield

Ladies and gentlemen, the best times of the year for many NFL fans has begun. Some notable first snaps by highly drafted rookie quarterbacks saw many fluke performances as the teams hoped against. However, given that these players are fresh out of college, teams are hoping that these performances will be that of the past. Some notable names arise are quarterback Dorian Thompson-Robinson of the Cleveland Browns, quarterback Aiden O’Connell of the Las Vegas Raiders, runningback Bijan Robinson of the Atlanta Falcons, wide receiver Rashee Rice of the Kansas City Chiefs, and many more rookies shined. However, not all were good as both first overall quarterbacks Bryce Young of the Carolina Panthers and Anthony Richardson of the Indianapolis Colts showed signs that their high takings in the draft may not end up panning out as the teams hoped. Even while playing against backup defenses the two struggled to gain any traction while playing. Overall, most teams performed well with many teams finding standout players and players to cut. With the full season already underway, there is much hope that not only do the rookies shape up to be what they were destined to achieve, but also for every team to hoist the Lombardi Trophy.