The Perfect Background Movie

By Averi Halbert

Have you ever desperately needed something to watch? Do you endlessly search for the perfect movie to play in the background while you work on your homework? Something not too fast-paced, but still interesting enough to keep you satisfied. Well, I have the perfect movie; Good Will Hunting. A classic, satisfying, old-fashioned film, Good Will Hunting is a fitting background for any academic work. The movie tells the heartwarming story of a genius young man, Will Hunting (played by the fabulous Matt Damon), who is held back by his past. As Will struggles to cope with the pressure of his intelligence and his failing romantic relationships, he finds a mentor in Dr. Sean Maguire (portrayed by the famous Robin Williams). The movie is filled with meaningful interactions between the star-studded cast, which includes not only Matt Damon and Robin Williams, but also Ben Affleck, Stellan Skarsgard, and Minnie Driver. So, next time you are struggling to find something to watch, search for Good Will Hunting and invest yourself in one man’s intellectual, emotional, and physiological journey.