College Focus: Brown University 

By Anjali Nayak 

A leading private research institution based in the beautiful city of Providence, Rhode Island, Brown University rightfully holds its spot amongst the highly competitive Ivy League. What separates Brown the most from other acclaimed schools is its open curriculum. Students at Brown are granted their own freedom and personalized course of study. Thus, the school cultivates a vibrant intellectual playground in which students are fully engaged as they explore courses in various disciplines. Along with the 80 different concentrations, Brown offers dual enrollment with the nearby Rhode Island School of Design. Brown’s open curriculum is reflected in its undergraduate class — students at the school are eclectic, enthusiastic, and open minded. 

Location – wise, the campus is nestled into the College Hill neighborhood of Providence, an area of the city made up of 18th to 19th century structures. Brown’s surroundings offer many of the features of urban life, but its smaller size makes it less overwhelming than most large cities can be, and it has a quirky culture famously its own. 

The creative and varied approach shared by Brown students extends outside the classroom and into student life. More particularly, the school is known for its performing arts, and hosts performance opportunities from traditional a capella and theater groups to cutting-edge experimental music. Brown students can join clubs of every variety, including ideological, service, and policy based groups. 

However, what is most appealing is Brown’s reputation as one of the happiest college campuses in the nation. Brown’s passionate student body has qualified the school for the nickname the “Happy Ivy.” Specifically, the academic culture and faculty’s unwavering commitment to their craft has been noted for driving the student’s high esteem.