Style Style CROC-odile

By Wyatt Spears and Gavin Bowyer

In a world where it often seems that style is prioritized over comfort, there exists a humble yet iconic footwear brand that contradicts this notion. Crocs, once celebrated for their practicality have now become an undeniable fashion statement. The remarkable journey of Crocs from a sailor’s shoe to a campus essential showcases their unique evolution, capturing the hearts (and feet) of students seeking comfort and style.

Crocs appeared in stores starting in 2002, having been created by 3 Boat Bros. Their founding fathers: Scott Seamans, Lyndon “Duke” Hanson, and George Boedecker Jr., witnessed the brilliance of the water clog extensively utilized during water events and activities. Putting their genius minds together, they altered the clog’s design, with a public show-casing at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show, instantly racking in bands on the first day. Utilizing a  unique foam resin material, Croslite, they created a not only durable and slip-resistant shoe but also a comfortable one. Initially embraced by outdoor enthusiasts, Crocs’ popularity soon spread across many different demographics—from gardeners to doctors. Today, Crocs has undoubtedly become an international footwear phenomenon, embodying the best of both comfort and function.

One of the great things about Crocs is that they are appealing not only to the general public but to the celebrity elite. Crocs has been able to capitalize on this in a major way. A-list celebrities like Nicki Minage and Zendaya have been snapped wearing clogs. They even have been shown off on the red carpet. All of this attention brought to the brand by influencers allowed the brand to be thrust into the limelight and brought Crocs to the multibillion-dollar empire it is today.

In addition to celebrity endorsements, Crocs makes waves with the releases of limited edition products. One of these releases is a collaboration with Disney Pixar in creating the Lightning McQueen Crocs. The partnership was a smash hit selling out almost instantly. This caused aftermarket prices to reach as high as $500. Collaborations like these not only highlight the versatility of Crocs as a piece but also show the brand’s ability to stay at the forefront of the ever-changing fashion landscape. The willingness to embrace unconventional partnerships and experiment with new designs has solidified its position as a brand that pushes the boundaries of what stylish footwear can be.

Crocs have the unique property of being able to add customizable charms to the shoes. This customizability is what makes them so versatile in different outfits. The sheer variety of colors that the clogs come in allows anyone to get their own color. Every person can have their personality shine through with their Crocs. 

At Westmont, it’s not uncommon to see students walking around in their crocs. The clogs have found a special place in many of their hearts, and here’s why they love them so much.


Connor Egan 

How long have you had your Crocs?

“Close to one year.”

What’s your favorite experience in your crocs?

“I wear them to all my basketball games so they’ve been there for my victories.”

Blake “Falcon Claw” Kim

How do you feel about your Crocs?

“I love them so much and wear them every day. They are so stylish and they just make me so happy.”

What makes them so special to you?

“ They’re so awesome because they are easy to slip on, super comfortable, and easy to air out when they get stinky.”

Deetya Majan

What do you use them for most?

“ They’re my sports slides, being as versatile as they are, I use them for all my sports, especially basketball.”

Are your Crocs your favorite shoes?

“ No, I don’t wear them that often. Being my sports shoes they don’t rank high on my list, but I would recommend people get a pair because they are comfortable and useful.”