Berry Picking

By Lily Bourne

Trying to find a fun summer activity that will result in some delicious treats? Look no further than berry picking! Between the months of April and July, many berry farms open up their fields to the public with U-Pick experiences. As a visitor, you can pick as many berries as you want, and pay by weight at the end. The thrill of finding a perfectly huge, ripe berry in between the vines is truly like no other, and of course, you can have a few snacks as you pick your way through the fields. After a few hours of selecting the best berries, you can come home to create a delicious snack or refreshing drink, such as strawberry shortcake or strawberry lemonade. If you visit one of the U-Pick farms that also offer blackberries, olallieberries, or boysenberries, maybe a delicious berry pie could be in store! Another great thing about berry picking is that you can decide how much money you are willing to spend. At $8 a pound, your hand-picked strawberries aren’t that much more expensive than those you find at the store! Plus, don’t forget the extra samples you can take. Some of my personal favorite U-Pick farms in the Bay Area are Swanton Berry Farms for strawberries and Webb Farm for other berries! Next time you find yourself looking for something to do during the summer, give berry picking a try!