By Keira De Vita

The most groundbreaking moment in cinematic history is the opening of the fifth and final movie of the Twilight saga; Breaking Dawn Part 2. After the wild blur of the first four movies, and the notable “Twilight baseball scene,” the series continues to evolve into one of the biggest pop culture resets of the early 2010’s besides Taylor Swift’s speedily growing career. With a direct continuation from the fourth movie illuminated through the violent end to Bella Swan’s (the main character [Kristan Stewart]) life from giving birth to an immortal child, the last ditch attempt to save Bella fell to Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) to “turn her.” This terminology, “turning” someone was a term frequently used throughout the series, something Bella always wished Edward to do to her. Book series aside, the film does an amazing job at one main thing, understanding the shots they take. Scenery is one aspect but the different filter each movie has throughout the entire duration captures the state at which Bella is in with her life. Firstly, movie one, most notable and iconic for its blue green filter. By the fifth movie a red hue takes over the screen as Bella’s hair, red clothing, and red undertones stand out representing the new stage in Bella’s life; she is now a vampire. 

Undeniably, fan’s jaws dropped when the fifth movie played for the first time. For the year between the release of film four and five, fans anticipated to see what Chris Weitz and the other directors would do with the final movie as the book series came to a close in 2008. Opening the movie with the classic clips through the Twilight terrain, the movie begins with Bella’s eyes open, red, as she “comes to life” as a vampire. This scene undoubtedly made crowds go wild as their fan-favorite main character comes back to life in her long desired form. With a sense of real cinematography and an excellent knack for writing a plot twist, the Twilight “eyes” scene remains the most spectacular scene in cinematography ever.