To the Lasts

By Avalon Kelly

I’ve always been counting down the days.

Reaching for the future:

The next test,

The next LIFE Crew meeting,

The next break,

The next Shield release day.

But for once I find myself holding back;

Blocking from my mind the usual countdown.

5 weeks, 4 weeks,

3, 2, 1…

Time is slipping out of my hands

As I just try to hold on.

So I clutch onto the lasts—

One last semester, one last birthday at home,

One last spring break, one last study hall,

One last spirit week, one last dance,

One last club meeting, one last day in class.

So many lasts, I adore each like my first.

So here’s to the moments

That remind us to be present:

Here’s to the lasts, hold on and cherish.