High School is Like the Game of Golf

By Olivia Pocat

High school is like a golf hole. Freshman year is like a drive. The start of every hole. Your first drive sets you up to have a successful round. My drives have a slight slice towards the end of the ball path. Similarly, my freshman year set me up to have a good high school experience, but a little slice got thrown in at the end. I made lots of friends,got good grades, and had good study habits. But then, Covid hit. The next part of the game is like an iron shot, but they don’t always end up on the green, leading you to have a chip. My sophomore year is like my iron shot. It wasn’t perfect, and it didn’t set me up for par, or success. Over “Zoom School” I lost a lot of my study habits. I also drifted apart from a lot of my friends. But then, my chip (junior year) was good and set me up for success. Coming back to in-person school was positive, I became more social and more involved in school. I also took more challenging classes and regained study habits. Then, senior year is like the final stretch of a hole, the putt. This is the most important part, the final stretch. If you mess up your putting, you can ruin your score. I have had a great senior year, as editor of The Shield, and committed to play D3 golf in college at a great university.